Leaders in the supply of poultry products
Delicious, convenient and profitable
Poultry solutions for all sectors

Maritime Foodgroup

We are leaders in the supply of breaded and coated poultry; frozen natural poultry; party food; BBQ poultry; joints and ready meals; and ingredients.


Breaded and coated; frozen natural; party food; BBQ poultry; joints and ready meals; and ingredients for manufacturers, we really are the poultry people.


We supply innovative and profitable solutions to multiples, food service and food manufacturers.

Established in 1993, Maritime Foodgroup is a leading provider of innovative food solutions, working with retailers, food service companies and food manufacturers.


Specialising in poultry products, Maritime supplies a wide range of frozen chicken, from whole birds, breast, thighs and drumsticks through to ingredients and ready meal solutions.


As well as developing and delivering food solutions, Maritime also supports its partners through market research, consumer trend analysis, marketing and public relations (PR).

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